Erik Bruun - Saimaannorppa

Erik Bruun - Saimaannorppa

The works of the artist Erik Bruun (b. April 7, 1926) are familiar to every Finn. The multi-expert living in Suomenlinna is one of the most productive graphic designers in the world. The meritorious career of a Professor-graphic designer is evidenced by the success in numerous domestic and international competitions as well as the recognitions awarded over decades. Erik Bruun's great love for Finnish nature can be seen in the nature posters he designed.

Available in our 1mm Ultra Thin Plywood Print or 15mm Original Plywood Print. Allowing you to pick the perfect print to suit your interior. Because of the natural wood surface no two prints are ever the same making your print completely unique.

Made from the highest quality PEFC & FSC certified sustainable Finnish birch wood, in Helsinki Finland.

Start by choosing the desired thickness of the print below from our two options: 1mm Ultra Thin or 15mm Original Plywood Print.

For every print sold 2 - 4 trees will be planted*


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